Why skincare is a Self-love act ?

Self-love is a state of enjoyment and affection for oneself that help your mental and physical wellbeing. You have to love yourself first. 

There is numerous ways we can enhance self-love.

Meditation, yoga, Pilates, exercising, Bath & shower with Bath Bomb. 

Our daily rituals are a good way to show self-love & care. Skincare is an important part of Self-care !

Choose products with natural ingredients and cruelty-free. Your skin will be nourished from the inside out. Use your skincare routine as a ritual to enhance Self-love !

There are many research showed that Gua Sha facial massage can help to relax your facial muscles and reduce puffiness. It is highly advised to do 3 times a week to see obvious results. Essentially scraping the skin to ease tension and increase circulation.

Because it is vital to love yourself first in order to love someone else.

Love xxxx

Luxe Nature