Why Gua Sha is your at home facial Queen ?


Gua Sha is a massage technique in traditional Chinese medicine where the skin on the body is scraped to release toxins and relieve pain. Facial Gua Sha is much gentler without causing any bruising or tissue damage to the skin.

How to use Gua Sha ?

1. Preparation of your skin with Rosehip & Hibiscus Night time cleansing bar before using Gua Sha.

2. Follow up with your regular skincare serum (24K Gold serum) : This is essential to creating a nice slip and avoiding tissue damage.

3. Five to ten drops of 24K gold serum are required, depending on your skin type (if you have dry skin, you may require more).

4. Using medium pressure, holding the stone flat against your face at a slight angle, start with your neck or jawline and work your way up and out towards your ears.

5. Once you are near the top of the ears, stop to wiggle it a bit to encourage lymphatic drainage and go behind the ears down towards the necks. 

(Make sure to do not lift the stone too much)