Love our natural skincare and Vegan cosmetics? You can become a Luxe Nature Ambassadors today! When you join, you'll earn money from every sale you refer.



You'll earn 10% of a friend’s purchase amount when they use your unique discount code. They get 10% off their order too! 

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1) Can anyone be an Influencer?

Yes, but hurry up and join because we will be making this opportunity private soon!


2) What will my discount code be worth?

Your custom discount code link that you create for your friends/followers will be for 10% off everything in store. 


3) Will Influencers receive free Luxe Nature Skincare products?

After referring 10 or more sales you can send us a request for 1 free product!


4) How much can I earn? 

You will receive 10% of every sale you refer when you start. The amount you can refer and what you can earn is unlimited. 


5) How do I Join? 

Simply click on the link to create your unique URL and start earning today. Share your link on your social media or email to start earning. 


6) How do I get paid?

You will get paid monthly based on how many orders you can successfully refer. You will need a PayPal email account for the money to be transferred to you. If you do not have one, please register Paypal account.

We can't wait for you to get started so you can begin spreading on our natural skincare and Vegan cosmetics to self-care lovers

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